Cottages have long been considered ‘quaint’ and ‘eclectic’. Homes that are a far cry from the architectural masterpieces gracing the covers of interior design magazines. Not this one. Canning Street Cottage is the perfect example of how a three-bedroom heritage home can be brought into the 21st century with a little help from interior design studio, Heartly.

“The design of Canning Cottage is inspired by its history,” says Heartly’s Director, Mikayla Rose. “It responds with innovative, creative and functional ideas to create a light, serene, private and secure inner city dwelling that is highly connected to the community-minded local neighbourhood.”

With a brief to channel the rich character of the 1870s cottage, SHADES was engaged to handle the window furnishings, creating a calming inner city sanctuary through a neutral, earthy and calming layered palette.

“Soft furnishings were critical in creating a sense of comfort and warmth,” says Mikayla. “They soften the hard and cool surfaces of natural stone, glass, steel and timber. Without the movement and lightness of the curtains the space would feel bereft of life.”

Never one to underestimate the power of a beautifully furnished window, Mikayla knew how much sway curtains would have on the comfort and brightness of a space.

“The use of the room and external perspective of the building are the first things we consider when selecting window furnishings. Aesthetics and mood are very important, but we first determined how we’d need to manage privacy and light within the space and how the windows and their furnishings will affect the architecture of the building.”

That building is now the picture of modern comfort and minimalism, adding yet another hidden gem to the rich streets of Carlton.

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